Highlights from Passover 2015

Passover 2015

We are praising Yahweh for a Feast of miracles and blessings!

Our hearts our full of praise to God for the mighty way He worked at this past retreat. There were 70 people attending the Passover Seder (the normal church membership is about 25 people). And throughout the week attendance remained excellent. The members of the beautiful little church in the forest of Norman, Arkansas were loving and precious - we all truly bonded as spiritual family during our blessed time together!

There are too many blessings and miracles to list here, so we've put them (and some pictures) up online for you to read and view. CLICK HERE to see the special highlights from this unforgettable and powerful retreat. Truly it was one of the best Feasts of which we've ever been a part! Glory only to Yahweh!

Some of the talks from this powerful retreat are viewable on Livestream. All of the sermons and presentations from this Feast are available on DVD.

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Upcoming Events

2015 Calendar

  • 2May

    Sabbath Livestream Broadcast - Denny and Brenda Kaneshiro (from Molokai Hawaii) will share music and their testimony of how Yahweh saved Denny's life and leg, after being attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria in November of 2014. This is a powerful experience you won't want to miss. Be sure to tune in for this special Livestream Broadcast - airing at 2 PM (PST). Our normal Livestream programming will not take place on this date.
  • 16May

    Sabbath Livestream Broadcast - Mark Manfredine will give a World Watch presentation at 2 PM (PST). Shauna Manfredine will share part 12 in the Mazzaroth Messages series at 3:15 PM (PST).
  • 30May

    Sabbath Livestream Broadcast - Mark Manfredine will give a World Watch presentation at 2 PM (PST). Shauna Manfredine will share part 13 in the Mazzaroth Messages series at 3:15 PM (PST).
  • 13Jun



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We are also most grateful to you for keeping us in your prayers. It is our desire to bring YHWH Glory and serve him faithfully. Thank you for your prayers that the Almighty will keep us faithful, courageous and able to do His Will.

Mazzaroth Messages

Gospel in the Stars

In Psalm 19:1-2, we find that the Almighty communicates with us, not only through Scripture, but also through the Stars. "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge."

Constellation by constellation, the Heavenly Father unfolds the Plan of Redemption in sky, as well as giving a second Witness to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation for the future.

The Creator's beautiful Messages have been corrupted by Satan through astrology and changing the original, beautiful star-names to pagan, Greek names and pictures. But it's time to know the Heavenly Truth again!

Prophetic Starry Updates

Mazzaroth Messages Series

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Would you like to join us in reading the Bible through? Or perhaps you would like to study every Torah Statute in word-study format? Print or download the Bible Reading Plan, Promise Worksheets, or the Torah binder worksheets.

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