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Broadcasts & Events

Join us for Pentecost Weekend on Sabbath, May 27 and Sunday, May 28:

We invite you to join us for Pentecost Weekend! If you join us in person, we'll be having a fellowship lunch on both days at 1 PM in our ministry center. At 2 PM (PST), we'll have a broadcast on both Sabbath and Sunday (which is Pentecost). On Sabbath, May 27, Shauna Manfredine will give a study on Shavuot (Pentecost) and the Kingdom of Israel. Then on Shavuot, May 28, Mark Manfredine will share a study on Shavuot and the Covenant Seal. These broadcasts will also air on our Youtube Channel. Following the broadcasts on both days, for those joining us in person, we will be having prayer sessions.

New Online Classes... Starting after Summer Break
& Join our Weekly Prayer Meeting:

Bible Prophecy Class (M/W at 9AM-PST)

Torah Class (M/W at 10AM-PST)

Weekly Prayer Session (Wed. at 6PM-PST)